Keith Brown calls for establishment of SNP youth academy

Scotland's youth spoke out in the referendum and their voices should be heard in the SNP - Keith Brown

Candidate for Depute Leader of the SNP Keith Brown has called for an SNP 'Youth Academy' to mirror the party's Women's Academy and so engage and encourage the younger members of the party.

Mr Brown said:

"Scotland's youth spoke out in the referendum and their voices should continue to be heard in the SNP as we continue to campaign for what's best for Scotland. We have to do more to encourage our younger members, not because they are the experienced campaigners of tomorrow but because they are the youth campaigners of today.

"There is an incredible energy and enthusiasm in Scotland's youth and it shone through in the referendum; the energy, imagination and ambition that came from them was inspiring. The SNP has to encourage that, help them to develop their ideas and give them space to be a creative engine of Scotland's future.

"I'm proposing that the party creates a Youth Academy to bring in the bright, clear voices and allow them the opportunity to make sure that they continue to make a big contribution in the future. We've already seen some success - not enough, but some - from our Women's Academy, and I think that it's well worth replicating that in a Youth Academy. Scotland belongs to our young people just as much as it belongs to the rest of us.

“I'm contacting the leaders of the youth groups which campaigned in last month's referendum and inviting them to join me in creating new party structures that will give younger members of the SNP the opportunity they need to help shape the future direction of the party. Their stake in Scotland's future cannot be over-estimated.

"I want to see all members of the SNP fully engaged in creating Scotland's future and our younger members are a vital part of that."