Jim Sillars

The No campaign in the referendum thought they would have us fleeing the political field but they underestimated the calibre of the Yes campaigners who emerged in that campaign. The soaring memberships of the Yes parties show that it isn't over - round one may have gone but there are other rounds to come. You can't just go charging at it and hoping for the best; you have to plan and you have to be thinking clearly and aiming at the 2016 Scottish Parliament election to get the next mandate. You've got to use the UK General Election next year to build a base but we have to be looking at 2016 as the election that matters most for independence and for taking Scotland forward.

Alex Neil MSP

Keith Brown is my pick for depute leader of the SNP, his political instinct is second to none and his organisational ability is top-notch.

As a ministerial colleague he has proven himself more than capable and his commitment, dedication and hard work are exemplary.

Nicola Sturgeon will need a fearless and able deputy to stand beside her during the Smith Commission proceedings and the changes that the SNP will have to undergo to accommodate the thousands of new members we have now.

Paul Wheelhouse MSP

Why I am backing Keith Brown MSP for Depute Leader of the SNP:

At the outset I will say that I consider the SNP and all of our 80,000 members are hugely fortunate to have three great candidates who could all be regarded as very worthy and well capable of the role. We are spoiled for choice and I hugely respect all three colleagues - Angela, Keith, and Stewart, all of whom I like very much.

Roseanna Cunningham MSP

Keith is an excellent Minister and a good colleague. He is absolutely dependable and his achievements in Government show that he can succeed in difficult circumstances. With the incredible expansion in SNP membership we need a Depute Leader with exceptional organisational skills and the one man who fits that bill perfectly is Keith.

Humza Yousaf MSP

Keith Brown is the ideal candidate for this deputy leader of the SNP. He's got a fine record in Government and his organisational skills are second to none; he's shown he can take complex Ministerial departments and get results from them - Housing, Transport, Schools, Apprenticeships and Veterans' Affairs have all benefited from his work and the growing membership of the SNP can benefit as well. He's trustworthy, charismatic and reliable; a great colleague to have and his experience and knowledge of Scottish politics mean that his advice is always worth taking.

Cllr Deidre Brock

Keith has experience as a councillor and council leader as well as being an MSP and a Minister in the Scottish Government. His door has always been open to us when we need to talk to him. He's right that we have to work together to make Scotland a better place and I'm right behind him. I'm giving my support to Keith in his bid for Depute Leader and I look forward to working more closely with him when he's in that post - he has my vote.

Andy Murray

I'm backing Keith because I believe he has a clear understanding on what needs to be done to fight for social justice and equality in our Scotland. He has a proven track record and isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves and get the job done.

Margaret Burgess MSP

I took over the Housing brief from Keith and it was the foundation that he laid that meant I was able to complete the most ambitious council house building programme in a generation. Attention to detail and belief in what we're doing is essential to make a real difference to the lives of Scots and improve the country and that's exactly what we get with Keith.

Michael Matheson MSP

We have some great opportunities and some challenges facing us in the coming years and the party will have to adapt and change to take account of them. Keith's the one candidate who has said that new members should have the right to be part of selecting our candidates for May's UK General Election and he's the one thinking about how we should be going forward. I trust his judgement and his political instincts; he's the candidate I believe can take the SNP forward, I'm pleased to support his bid for Depute Leader.

Alasdair Allan MSP

I took a look at the three candidates for Depute Leader of the SNP and thought it's a pretty impressive party that can produce three such talented candidates. Thinking about the job that will face the Depute Leader, though, it seemed clear to me that we needed someone with a certainty of touch, incredible organisational skills, huge stamina and a sense of humour to see them through.

Aileen McLeod MSP

Keith Brown is my choice to work alongside Nicola Sturgeon at the heart of our party. He has worked well with her as a Scottish Government Minister for the last five years and their understanding will serve both them and the party well as the SNP adapts to our massively increased membership and the new role we will have to fulfil in Scotland. Keith’s 4 years in charge of a local authority before he entered parliament have given him a deep understanding of what is important to local communities and the importance that people place on the vital services that local people rely on.

Clare Adamson MSP

As someone who has successfully served as both the Leader of Clackmannan Council and as the Government Minister for Minister for Transport and Veterans, the depth and seniority of Keith Brown's experience is unparalled. As a successful candidate for Depute, Keith would bring an understanding and empathy for all of Scotland's challenges, both rural and urban and I offer him my support and best wishes to be Depute Leader of the SNP.

Ewen Macdonald

I have voted for Keith Brown for deputy leader. Not just because he has achieved such a lot since becoming Minister for Transport and Veterans. It is nice to know he spends time in and around the Argyll and Kintyre area.

Dave Thompson MSP

I have known Keith Brown for some time and worked closely with him when he was Convenor of the Standards Committee. He is an excellent man and politician who very much has the interests of Scotland at heart. I believe he would make an excellent Depute Leader of the SNP and a listening one, at that.

Graeme Dey MSP

I am delighted to support Keith Brown's campaign to become deputy leader of the SNP. Keith is someone with a track record for delivering on what he sets out to achieve and I very much agree with his thoughts on how the party needs to adapt to welcome in and harness the talents of our many new members.

Christina McKelvie MSP

I am supporting Keith Brown MSP in his bid to become the next Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party. Keith's personal, professional and political experience give him a unique mix of skills needed for the important role as Depute Leader. Keith has shown in his leadership at council level and his very successful ministerial office that he can take on any issue large or small needed to get the job done. Keith's long history of taking responsibility and campaigning for social justice is second to none and I believe this focus is just what the SNP needs.

Stewart Maxwell MSP

I am pleased to put my support behind Keith Brown MSP for the role of depute leader of the SNP. As a former Royal Marine, Leader of Clackmannanshire Council and Scottish Government Minister, Keith has both the ability and the extensive experience required to be a successful depute leader. He has already provided strong leadership with complex ministerial portfolios and over the past 2 years he has built up a crucial working relationship with Nicola Sturgeon as a part of her Ministerial Team.

Gordon MacDonald MSP

I’m supporting Keith Brown for Depute Leader of the Scottish National Party as he has proven himself to be an able and capable Minister since his first appointment as Minister for Skills and Lifelong Learning in 2009. His transfer in the 2012 reshuffle to become Minister for Transport and Veteran Affairs has added to his wealth of experience within Government.

I also believe that by appointing Keith Brown as Depute Leader we send a message that it is our continued belief that Holyrood should be the primary legislative body for Scotland.

Mike MacKenzie MSP

I am pleased to support Keith Brown as he has that rare quality of having ‘grace under fire’. No matter how tough things get Keith is matter of fact and unflappable and seems to have an unflagging appetite for work. I remember a couple of years ago sharing e.mails with him at 3am during a winter storm that caused transport chaos and resulted in power outrages across the Highlands and Islands. He efficiently resolved issues which involved the complex logistics of transporting generators in the middle of the night to restore power to island communities.

Stuart McMillan MSP

I am supporting Keith Brown MSP for Deputy Leader of our party. Firstly, at this time, I believe it’s important the Deputy Leader is in the Scottish Parliament.

Secondly, I believe it’s important our party can reach out to every community. Having our two leaders, who represent vastly differing constituencies, will I believe continue the progress that has been made.

Finally, I believe Keith has been an outstanding Government Minister and I know he will continue this reputation as Deputy Leader.

Cllr Lynn Adam

I was delighted to hear Keith was standing for Depute Leader. I can think of no one better to compliment Nicola in her role as Leader and as stated in my tweet of the 25 Sept 2014: "You two would make a formidable team"

Keith's level-headed persona helps create that level of calmness that any senior politician would relish and would certainly stand him in good stead for the position of Depute Leader. His experience in the Scottish political arena - from Councillor to Minister - from Housing to Transport would also serve him well.

Pam Mitchell

I'm backing Keith because: I believe Keith has the necessary leadership skills to make the partnership with Nicola Sturgeon a strong and successful one. He has proven his ability to work tirelessly and for the benefit of the people of Scotland and his time as Transport Minister has seen him handle many difficult situations with great skill. As a fellow veteran, I recognise his leadership qualities. He has a personable manner which is essential as deputy leader and has proved he is capable of hard work, being 100% commitment to the task in hand.

Cllr David McDonald

I'll be voting for Keith Brown as the SNP's new deputy leader to make sure we have a strong and talented leadership team to take the party forward over the next 3 years with 3 big elections looming. He has a proven track record as a Government minister and has taken big decisions and made big improvements in the areas he has been responsible for.

Cllr. Jim McClung

I think Keith is exactly the sort of approachable, down-to-earth guy that we need to be Depute Leader. He has clearly worked well with Nicola Sturgeon over the past five years as a Government Minister and I think that his calm, sensible approach to things is just what we need as the Party adjusts to our hugely increased membership numbers and the way forward following the referendum.

Cllr. Brian Collins

I have been Chairman of the Southwest Scotland Regional Transport Partnership (Swestrans) for 7 years, during which time I saw Keith take on the role of Transport Minister under the most difficult circumstances possible. I also had the opportunity to work with Keith as Transport Minister on a number of strategic transport issues. In my view Keith's ability to take on a difficult job in difficult times and excel in it demonstrates he has the ability and character we need for the next Depute Leader of the Party.

Jane McTaggart

I'm backing Keith because Keith is local to this area was a local councillor before becoming our MSP. He has faithfully served this community for many years. I believe Keith will be a trusted, competent and conscientious deputy, putting the interests of Scotland above all else.

Richard Lyle MSP

I have known Keith for many years.During our time as Local Government Councillors he helped me on many occasions when we were in COSLA. I found him to be an excellent Nationalist and totally committed to the SNP cause. He was highly respected during his time on COSLA and also as Leader of his Council and he has carried his commitment into his present position in the Scottish Parliament. The support he has from his fellow MSP's shows that we believe that he has the qualities to be an excellent Depute Leader of our party.

Jamie Hepburn MSP

I will be backing my colleague Keith Brown for the role, as I know that he has all of the attributes required to be an outstanding deputy to Nicola Sturgeon.  Both have worked closely together as members of the Scottish Government, with Keith having been a Minister under Nicola.  I am sure he could bring that experience to bear in the role of Depute Leader of the party.

Mark McDonald MSP

In my opinion Keith is the best person for the position. He has an excellent
ministerial record and has shown himself to be capable of handling
complicated and challenging issues with assurance and aplomb.

Keith has also visited my constituency and spoken to constituents about some
of the transport issues affecting them. He has shown a great ability to
connect with the public and to take on their concerns.

Jamie Super

I'm backing Keith because I think he has the knowledge and the attributes to be depute leader. I believe that Keith would show a force for the administration to go forward with Nicola and Keith at the top.

Kirsty Boyle

Keith has proven himself more than capable in his Ministerial capacity during difficult situations, particularly the calm and efficient way he has dealt with winter resilience issues. His record on veterans issues speaks for itself and his time as leader of a local authority is an obvious attribute. However, I believe Keith's strengths go further than his political standing and it is "Keith the ordinary person" who will benefit the SNP as Depute Leader.

Mitchell McEwan

I'm backing Keith because: He has done an excellent job in his current role and being local to my area I would love to see him step up. My dad thought the world of George Reid and any man who can continue after him gets my vote

Patrick W Anderson

I'm backing Keith because he is a good communicator and he has the knowledge and ability to be in that position in Scotland. He will be a good team worker and I rate him highly at his present position as Transport and Veterans minister in Scotland . He has in his short time progressed the work in transport well.

James Edwards

I believe in his ethos and that he has the experience, drive, knowledge, determination and skills to be a successful and hard working Deputy First Minister, one capable of leading Scotland's fight against poverty and austerity. Keith is definitely the best man for the job.

Collette Stevenson

I'm backing Keith because I like his stance on Social Justice especially on the backing of the recent poverty funding. I think he will work well alongside Nicola and for the people of Scotland in making it a more fairer and better place to live.

Les Sharp

I'm backing Keith because understanding social injustice and poverty come close to my own heart and having a chance to change these is something I support

Heather Ross

I'm backing Keith because he is the absolute right man for the job. He is approachable and has all the necessary experience to make an excellent Depute Leader.


I'm backing Keith because: I have done some research on the internet and I am convinced he is the right man for the job. I think he and Nicola will work well together. The team is more important than the individual.

Neil Gray

Keith is the right person for the job because he has all the qualities we need to help Nicola take our party forward, and our country to independence.

Keith is sure footed, calm under pressure, an efficient administrator, politically astute and is an effective communicator.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Keith for a number of years and I know he also has the personal touch we need to embrace the tens of thousands of new members we have welcomed to our movement in recent weeks.

Elizabeth Cornes

I like the fact Keith has strong views on poverty and social justice which is
a very important issue in Scotland because of the attitude of the Westminster
He also works well with Nicola which should make it a good partnership.

Conor Mckay

We in the SNP are in a very fortunate position having three excellent candidates running for the position of Depute Leader.

I have, however, backed Keith Brown for several reasons:

Firstly, I have always been impressed with the width and depth of his knowledge and understanding on the issues affecting people.

Second, Keith is best placed to complement our new party leader as he has already demonstrated the ability to have a close and effective working relationship with Nicola Sturgeon in his current Ministerial role.

Liz Johnston

I'm backing Keith because: I believe his experience is what the party needs in order to take us forward . Keith has shown his ability and is more than capable of doing a great job as deputy